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Happy New Year !!!
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ANNOUNCEMENT - Marion Music Company has donated a sound system to the Post.

Legionnaires, Riders and Auxiliary members;

It is complete with two HUGE/Heavy speakers and the Speaker Stands, A very heavy control system and stand to hold it, along with all the necessary cables and microphone and mic stand. This is an $8,000+ system … We are getting the entire system for free (My brother-in-Law, Rick Cosner, owns Marion Music).

We need to set it up before the meeting, Rick will come by to tell us how it works and help with the setup. We will need some help (two or three healthy younger people) for lifting speakers in place. We can either have them movable (probably the best way) or permanently installed. We will need to run some wires over through the ceiling and will need a ladder that will get us up 12 to 14 feet.

ANOTHER SUBJECT - We have not reached our 100% membership renewal goal by the end of this month. We need more NEW members, and we have 27 members from last year that haven’t renewed their membership as yet. Please don’t ignore our 5 member bonus program. We may be modifying it to increase the incentives. Our September goal is 100% …

My challenge goal is to reach 300 members by June of 2021. We will not reach 300 at our present rate of growth, so please help us get to that goal.

_____________________ “Proudly Beginning our 2nd Century of Service to the Ocala Veteran Community"

__ Brian Voge, Post 27 - Commander

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